Seven Amazing Tattooing Styles Trending Right Now

Are you lately planning to get a tattoo? If yes, apart from obviously scheduling appointment with a credible artist, also put in much thought, spend enough time researching, and choose a profoundly meaningful as well as aesthetically pleasing design. While there is a wide range of options available, I have chalked down names of ones that are trending at present such as geometrics, new school, minimalistic, etc. Know more by checking out the following write-up right away.

  • New School- According to best tattoo artist in Melbourne Australia, new school style originated in 1970s and generally characterised by usage of bold lines, vibrant colours, and caricatures or exaggerated illustrations of ordinary subjects. It also quite effectually symbolises a transition towards candidness.
  • Minimalistic- One does not really have to etch huge or complicated motifs on their skin because even small designs could convey deepest feelings with ease, and also do not inflict excessive pain. Featuring angular shapes, crisp lines, and sparse colour palettes, minimalist style has garnered enough popularity.
  • Geometrics- Geometric style, acting as accent pieces primarily, is all about carving intricate designs, which would cover larger parts of human body. It has been practiced since time immemorial because the ice mummy or Otzi found near Mt. Alps in 1991 was covered with geometric lines.
  • Traditional Sakyant- If a person wishes to get traditional Sakyant tattoo, he or she must first try finding out its connotation, which require years of training, and a clear understanding of symbols, magical language, and associated blessings. Selecting a competent professional is necessary because an amateur would never be able to pull this off.
  • Dotwork-The best tattoo artist of Melbourne Australia has said many people like getting dotwork tattoos because they look good irrespective of skin tones. However, this particular style does have a downside.Dotwork consume excessive time and is excruciatingly painful because the needle is penetrated multiple times into same area.
  • Hyper Realism-Hyper realism tattoos have been revolutionising entire tattooing industry since 20th century. The style has gained wide acceptance and is considered much more refined now. People can carve portraits of famous celebrities and depict nature or any fictional object as realistically as possible.
  • Mandala- Mandala tattoos look exceptionally beautiful on a person’s back, chest, stomach, and thigh. Symbolising eternity, stability, perfection, as well as  intrinsic relationship between human beings and infinity, they are noted for having importance in several religions such as Hinduism, Christianity, and Buddhism.

You can unhesitatingly go for any of the style specified above. All of them can successfully rejuvenate external appearance, act as a means for rebelling against conventional notions of society, and help in expressing suppressed emotions or paying tribute to somebody close. Now isn’t that absolutely amazing?